Dharampal Singh

Dharmapal Singh, farmer ,Village Palwal, Haryana (Patient Single Vessel TECAB)


I would get short of breath and would face difficulty in moving around. There was not much of pain but the blood pressure would always remain on the higher side. The doctor asked me to get an angiography test done and the reports indicated blockages of eighty percent in the arteries. Of course you get worried when you are having a major heart surgery and being the father and head of the family, it was not easy at all. The entire family was were very worried of the outcome. We had two options in our minds, either to get stents or to go for open heart surgery. Dr. Vinay Sanghi at Fortis Escorts told us about Robotic Surgery, that Dr. Sudhir P Srivastava is a renowned Robotic Cardiac Surgeon, who has come down from the U.S.  The lady staff was nice and would try her best to keep me happy so that I don't get worried. Since I have got the surgery done Robotically, I would recommend that everyone who requires a surgery should go there. I would like to give this message to the entire nation that anyone suffering from a similar problem should go for Robotic Surgery instead of  getting their chest cut open. The overall experience was really good, surgery was great and all the staff were caring because of which I am back home happily. I am really thankful to Dr Sudhir P Srivastava and his team at ICRS for treating me so well.