Training Programs

Preparation for the Console:

Intro of dry lab with DaVinci Surgical Robot (skills can be practiced at anytime at the discretion of availability of robot)

    •  Review of the Robotic System and Interface

    •  Basic Dry Lab Techniques

    •  Instrument Insertion

              •  Arm Positioning

              •  Robot Positioning

              •  Console Work

              •  Using the Clutch

              •  Using the Camera

              •  Suturing

              •  Grasping

Classroom Training:

    •  The Robot, the Console, the Tower

    •  Troubleshooting

Lectures and Video Presentation

    •  How to break down the procedure into steps

              •  Non-Console Steps

              •  Patient Positioning

              •  Port Placement

              •   How to assist successfully

              •  “How to make your Surgeon look good”

              •  Console Steps

Abservation in the Theatre:

Visit with ICRS Surgeons in Theatre

            •  Live Case Demonstration

Post Case In-Depth Review

            •  Step by step analysis

            •  Review of Console Techniques and Assistant Techniques

            •  Tricks and Tips

Dry Lab with DaVinci Surgical Robot

            •  More advanced surgical techniques

Video Review of Difficult Cases according to Surgical Subspecialty

Continuous Live Case Demonstrations

            •  Postoperative Question and Answer Sessions

Online Module Teaching and Presentation

Discussion regarding further training

            •  Private Proctoring and Console Time

Course Summary:

Totally Course Time – Ongoing Education between 1 – 3 months Includes:

            •  Video Teaching

            •  Hands on Teaching

            •  Live Case Demonstrations

            •  Questions and Answers with the Experts

    •   Advanced Technique Training