What is Robotic Surgery?

Robotic Surgery is the most advanced Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS), it is typically performed through small (fingertip size) incisions.

Is this surgery done by a robot?

No, the surgery is done by a surgeon using a robotic surgical system called Da Vinci, which enables surgeons to be more precise, advancing their technique and enhancing their capability in performing complex minimally invasive surgery. In short, the robot serves as an instrument for the surgeon. The Da Vinci System replicates the surgeon's movements in real time. It cannot be programmed, nor can it make decisions on its own to move in any way or perform any type of surgical maneuver without the surgeon's control.

 What happens if the robot malfunctions during surgery?

This would be an extremely rare occurrence. The machine is built to very strict quality standards, and is constantly maintained to a very demanding set of mandated inspections. It is also inspected before every surgery to very strict and mandated criteria of checks. Nevertheless, the surgeon and the Operation theatre team is always prepared to (and able to) convert the surgery to a laparoscopic surgery or an open surgery.


What is the difference between Robotic Surgery & Laparoscopic/Endoscopic procedures?

Robotic Surgery utilizes the most advanced technology allowing surgeons to perform complex surgical procedures that may not be feasible through Laparoscopic/Endoscopic procedures. The major differences are listed below:

Robotic Surgery Laparoscopic/Endoscopic Surgery
3D HD Vision 2D Vision
Upto 10 times magnification Long Instruments
Wristed Instruments No wrist like movement
Tremor Filtration No tremor filtration

What are the benefits of Robotic Surgery offered by The International Centre for Robotic Surgery compared with traditional methods of surgery?

Benefits for surgeons:

    •  Greater surgical precision

    •  Increased range of motion

    •  Improved dexterity

    •  Enhanced visualization and improved access

    •  Enable surgeons to perform complex procedures

Benefits for patients:

    •  Shorter hospital stay

    •  Less pain

    •  Less risk of infection

    •  Less blood loss & fewer transfusions

    •  Less scarring

    •  Faster recovery & a quicker return to normal daily activities & work

Is robotic surgery more expensive than traditional surgery?

The cost of Robotic Surgery is 30-40% higher than traditional surgery. However, with the benefits offered by Robotic Surgery including minimal rehabilitation, less personal trauma/ side effects & early return to work, in the end it is overall less expensive. The patients who have already opted for this surgical option counter that actually robotic surgery proves to be cheaper overall – from the point of view of the reduced hospital bill and super speedy return to an active, productive life.

Will my health insurance pay for the cost of a robotic surgery procedure?

Robotic surgery is billed as Minimally Invasive Surgery & therefore, is covered by health insurance.

Can any patient advised to undergo surgery, opt for robotic surgery?

Patients cannot opt for robotic surgery by themselves. If a patient requests robotic surgery, a specialist in the particular field will need to review the patient and his reports to ensure that the patient is suitable for robotic surgery. The patient is encouraged to consult his own doctor too. Robotic Surgery is an option that a patient can elect only if all the concerned doctors agree that it is a better option. Robotic Surgery is offered to a patient as an alternative to conventional surgery only when a patient has met all necessary criteria.

Are there any special precautions that I need to take before undergoing robotic surgery?

There are no special precautions to be taken for a robot-assisted surgery. The precautions and pre-op procedures remain the same as they are for a routine surgery. The pre-op tests done prior to the procedure are similar to the tests done prior to a routine surgery.

Why choose ICRS for robotic surgery?

 International Centre for Robotic Surgery
has a team of robotic surgeons with the highest level of expertise in robotic surgery. It is the first robotic surgery centre in India to offer the most comprehensive & world class procedures at a lower cost. It will offer the full spectrum of robotic heart, lung, urology, gynecology, general, head and neck and orthopaedics surgeries.

ICRS is led by Dr. Sudhir Srivastava, the father of robotic surgery in India & world’s foremost experts and pioneers in robotic cardiac surgery. He has performed more than 1200 robotic cardiothoracic surgical procedures – the largest experience in the world.

The consulting team of ICRS consists of 20 world leaders in the fields of minimally invasive and robotic surgery specializing in Cardiac, Urology, Gynaecology, General Surgery, Head and Neck, Thoracic and Orthopaedics. The combined robotic surgery experience of the world-class this world class team of surgeons at ICRS is in the excess of 15,000 cases, the largest collective volume in the world.

What procedures can for performed with robotic assistance?

Cardiac Surgery

    •  Coronary Bypass

    •  Valve Repair

    •  Valve Replacement

    •  Congenital Defects

    •  Tumors of the Heart

    •  Atrial Fibrillation/ Irregular Heart Rhythm

Thoracic Surgery

    •  Lung Cancer

    •  Esophageal Cancer

    •  Tumours within Chest

    •  Thymectomy


    •  Prostate Cancer

    •  Kidney Cancer

    •  Bladder Tumors

    •  Adrenal Tumours

    •  Nephrectomy

    •  Reconstruction of Urinary Tract

    •  Kidney Cyst Removal

    •  Vasovasostomy

    •  Kidney Transplant


    •  Spinal Surgery

General Surgery

    •   Colon Resection

    •   Hernia Repair

    •  Gastric bypass

    •   Splenectomy

    •   Billiary Surgery

    •   Achalasia

    •   Liver Cancer

    •   Partial Liver Donation

    •   Pancreatectomy

    •  Gastrectomy

    •   Appendectomy


Head and Neck

    •   Throat Cancer

    •  Tongue Cancer

    •  Thyroid Cancer

    •  Thyroidectomy

    •  Trans Oral surgery


    •   Hysterectomy

    •   Myomectomy

    •  Cancer Cervix/ Uterus

    •   Ovarian Surgery

    •   Endometrial Cyst

    •   Tubal Reversal

    •   Infertility

    •   Dermoid Cysts

    •   Lymph node Removal

    •   Tubal Surgery

    •   Pelvic floor Repair

What's the best way to schedule an appointment with a robotic physician/surgeon, or to obtain more information about International Centre for Robotic Surgery?

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