Mr Shashi Prakash, Patient (Double Vessel TECAB)

Mr Shashi Prakash was diagnosed with multi vessel blockage and was operated (Robotically) successfully for Double Vessel TECAB at Fortis-ICRS by Dr. Sudhir P Srivastava on 19th of June. Three...

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Dr. Ram Vinod Singh

Dr. Ram Vinod Singh (Vice-Chancellor J.P University, Chhapra Bihar) Patient, Double Vessel TECAB.

 Almost two decades back I suffered a mild heart...

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Dharampal Singh

Dharmapal Singh, farmer ,Village Palwal, Haryana (Patient Single Vessel TECAB)



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Chief David Kehinde,

Robotic Prostatectomy Patient, FEHI.

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Mrs Deepa Vaid


I am a business woman and my biggest concern when I heard of a surgery was that who will take care of the household and business in my absence since my husband was suffering...

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Mrs. Saroj Srivastava

My healing was very good and quick. Two weeks after the surgery, I was as good as I was before the ailment. Infact, a month after the surgery, I went for a trip to the US and faced


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Dr. Zu Yun Liu - Cardiac Surgeon

Testimonial from Cardiac Surgeon under the guidance of Dr. Srivastava in Coronary Revascularization.

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Dr. Suresh Gadasalli - Cardiologist

Dr. Suresh Gadasalli describes his professional experience with Dr. Sudhir Srivastava.

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Bob Greer - Single Vessel TECAB

Bob Greer was a Single Vessel TECAB patient for Dr. Srivastava.

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